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Sternum tattoos- Sexiness and the best design ideas

Sternum tattoo designs

Girls usually choose tattoos on the collarbone, ankles, and other sexy parts, but recently there has been a wave of tattoos along the bottom of the breast, also known as ” sternum tattoos”, and the scope will not be limited.

What are sternum tattoos?

“Under the breast”, as its name suggests, is the underside of the breast. Q. The tattoo here is called Sternum Tattoo, which can be translated as “sternum tattoo”, which is a tattoo along the bottom of the boob so it is also called “nipple tattoo”.

Many girls get their sternum tattoos and upload them to public platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Although there is no specific term for this, as long as you enter “sternum tattoo” (sternum tattoo) in the search engine, you can also see many beautiful sternum tattoos.

Sternum tattoo ideas
Sternum tattoo ideas

Sternum tattoo can be called chest tattoo or underboob tattoo. It is the symbol of attractiveness, and people seem crazy about it. Sternum tattoos are inked on the breastbone for men, and they often follow the curve underneath of the breast for women to create such a feminine and charming look.

It is one of the best chest tattoos for women, and you can consider it.

There are various styles of tattoos, whether it is flowers, lace, feathers, or other different totems, they all bring you different styles.

If you guys try to search, you will find that the click rate and like rate of sternum tattoos are much higher than those of other tattoos. It seems that the finished photos have an irresistible charm.

Some people even took the sternum tattoos into a series of artistic photos. Asymmetry of these tattoos can also present another kind of beauty

In fact, the focus of this tattoo is the arc, because the junction between the breast and the tattoo is the most beautiful part of the entire tattoo.

Sternum tattoos of celebrities

Nowadays, many foreign celebrities are trying this kind of tattoo. Can you guess who owns the tattoo with ancient Egyptian patterns in the picture below?

Sternum tattoo designs of Rihana
Sternum tattoo designs of Rihana

Speaking of Rihanna, of course, we can’t forget that her good friend Cara Delevingne (Cara Delevingne), after the bacon tattoo, her sternum tattoos are hard to forget! The thin text below is truly beautiful!
Lower breast tattoos sweep across the world of tattoos, and more and more girls are designating underboob tattoos

Sternum tattoo ideas of Cara Delevingne
Sternum tattoo ideas of Cara Delevingne

Various patterns have different kinds of beauty

Many girls try because sternum tattoo designs can visually give people a bigger breast and a more beautiful breast shape. A series of characteristic tattoo art, has also changed the boys’ view of girl tattoos?

Tattooing is a kind of freedom, you can become a better person after getting tattooed

Every summer, I believe that everyone is walking on the road, and when they see cool tattoos on others, they can’t help but look at them. Indeed, in people’s eyes, tattoos are no longer linked to bad things and become a label for trendy people to express their individuality.

But to be honest, tattoos can not only give people a positive meaning but also enhance the eye-catching degree of your style.

For girls, tattoos are even more sexy catalysts! In addition to the more “conventional” positions of hands and feet, there are also many girls who add a little bit of fun to them. One of them is sternum tattoo designs. Sternum tattooed women is a symbol of sexiness and charm.

Best design ideas of sternum tattoos women

Therefore, I asked several trendy women who love tattoos this time and summed up a few trendy women who love patterns very much, let’s take a look at which part is sexy!

Under the breast

Sternum tattoo women
Sternum tattoo women

The essence of breast tattoos lies in the curvature. The junction of breasts and tattoos is undoubtedly the most attractive part of the entire tattoo, so the Mandara pattern is a very good choice for breast tattoos.

The flowers are also beautiful!

Womens sternum tattoo
Womens sternum tattoo

The patterned swashes in this position are truly amazing!
Of course, other patterns are also very sexy. Which part of the girl’s tattoo do you think is sexy?

Does a sternum tattoo hurt?

The answer is YES.

Tattoos in predominantly fatty areas are usually painless.

When you think about bony areas like your sternum, feet, or collarbones, tattoo needles make your bones vibrate – which can be a really uncomfortable feeling.

Sternum tattoos aftercare

For the first few weeks after getting your tattoo, you can take off your bra. This should be used to avoid infection or irritation during the healing process or choose one that isn’t too tight on your skin.

Another thing to do is minimize driving time as it can cause pain and discomfort during the healing process. Reducing driving time is an effective way to keep your tattoo from shrinking and overstretching.

Finally, let talk about your sleeping habits. The best position to sleep after a breastbone tattoo is lying on your back. It will prevent you from feeling the pain of accidentally touching your new tattoo while sleeping.

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